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Story Development

Find and amplify the stories of your organization, your mission, your campaign ... and your life.

Stories aren't magic ... unless they are strategic.

The power of your story may not lie in its drama, but in its absolutely perfect relationship to your message.

Move your audiences from apathy to empathy to action.

These times require bold new stories.

Communication Skills Training

Present your best self in informal talks, business and advocacy presentations, keynote speeches and on-camera appearances.

Individual Coaching + Group Workshops
Living Proof Advocacy™ Training
Skills and Practice

Strategic Communications

Capture the hearts and minds of your nonprofit, consumer or business audiences.


  • Messaging Platforms
  • Communication Plans
  • Red Flags/Quick Wins™ Messaging Audits


  • Story Arcs for Events and Campaigns
  • Scripts for Media and Live Events
  • Tags, Slogans, Cleverness that Delivers


  • Meeting Facilitation
  • On-camera Interviews
  • Writing/Editing


A sampling of recent projects and offerings.

Living Proof Advocacy

Founded by John Capecci and Timothy Cage, Living Proof Advocacy helps people tell their personal stories with confidence, heart, focus ... and impact. Coauthors of Living Proof: Telling Your Story to Make a Difference, John and Tim have helped thousands of advocates and hundreds of organizations share their stories.

"Thank you for understanding the special coaching our advocates and champions need to succeed!"

Constructing a Messaging Platform

Stop re-inventing the wheel with each new communication. I'll help you create a message platform that can inform all your organization's communications: web copy, targeted campaigns, presentations, videos and tweets.

"This is the most complete plan I've ever seen for an organization."


Since 2001, my team of trainers and I have had the honor of preparing 900+ WomenHeart Champions, the “boots on the ground” army of advocates telling their personal stories and fighting heart disease in women.

"You and your team provided these participants with an amazing amount of confidence and empowerment."

Youth Net and Counseling

YONECO, located in Zomba, Malawi, provides a "net" to catch the country's most vulnerable—youth, children and women. Together, we built a messaging platform to convey the importance of their work to their various audiences—from funders and government agencies to village leaders and children.


Gilda's Club Twin Cities

They dreamt of a place where no one faces cancer alone. Working with Brandspeak and Bev Bachel, we helped make that dream reality by coaching advocates, creating videos, and writing fundraising appeals and web copy that helped Gilda's Club open their red doors in the Twin Cities.


"You helped us find our voice. Our messaging moved from ‘blah, blah, blah’ to being worth a half a million dollars (in one night!)."

How to Talk About What You Do

Learn to tell the core story can draw upon whenever you need to convince someone of the importance of what you do—the basis of your elevator pitch, informal talk, appeal to supporters or keynote address. How do you talk about what you do?

"We came away empowered and enriched."

Better Speakers, from A to Z

One of the joys of being a communication trainer: everyone appreciates becoming a better, more confident speaker, no matter the vocation or avocation.

Give me an hour and we'll craft the basic design of your presentation, talk, pitch or keynote.

"In the area of speaking, you’ve made me a much better ‘me.’"


The lobby of Valspar’s Applied Science and Technology Center uses color, text, sculpture and space to tell stories of the company's innovations. It includes this wall, which captures 200 years in word, image and artifact. I helped develop the stories and content as part of the team from Star.

"We rely on John as our subject matter expert when it comes to organizing stories and content."

Walker Art Center

Working with the Walker's development department and its education and community programs, I helped tell their donors' stories, train sculpture garden guides and dream up taglines for events like their After Hours parties.

"You help us tell our story in fresh, engaging ways."

Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association

Minneapolis’ oldest neighborhood is now one of its most vibrant—thanks, in part, to the work we've done with Bev Bachel and the MHNA: a website about living near your work, promotional materials, funding proposals and a mobile history tour app that won a 2014 Heritage Preservation Award from AIA-MN.

"John can distill a clamor of voices into one clear vision."


An employee-education campaign, delivered as a spoof of a satirical newspaper, including original fake content, horoscopes, comics and crossword puzzles. Dreamed up with the creative minds at The Electric Studio.

"John is always our first choice for high-priority projects ... like fake newspapers."

John Capecci

I help clients create award-winning, world-changing, get-it-done communications that turn heads, touch hearts and drive results.

Twenty-plus years ago, I pivoted from college communications professor to solopreneur, taking what I loved about teaching—critical thinking, creativity, helping others excel—to launch Capecci Communications. In the years since, I've coached, trained, written, consulted and strategized for a diverse range of nonprofit and for-profit clients—from architects to activists, physicians to farmers, sales teams to survivors—all of whom share a common goal: connecting with their audiences powerfully and authentically.

I'm also cofounder, with Tim Cage, of Living Proof Advocacy, Inc., which helps purpose-driven individuals and organizations advocate for positive change by unleashing the power of personal stories. Tim and I also coauthored "Living Proof: Telling Your Story to Make a Difference," now in its third edition.


Let's talk about your audience, your message, your story.

Minneapolis, Minnesota


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